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3 Stories in 'S'
Title: Saving Face *WORK IN PROGRESS*
Author: taylorgibbs (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: MATURE  
Archived: 09-14-10  Chapters: 001 Word Count: 2150
Categories: Angst/Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Tony/OMC  Characters: Jimmy Palmer, Other Male Character, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: After the events of About Face, Tony is worried about Palmer.

Title: Shift in Reality *COMPLETE*
Series: The Navy Watcher #6
Author: kaylashay81 (Send Feedback)
Genres: Gen  Rating: TEEN  
Archived: 01-01-08  Chapters: 001
Categories: Crossover, Episode Related
Pairings: Tony/OMC  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Other Female Character, Other Male Character, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: Navy Watcher; After Tony was chained to a killer, both Xander and him
had a startling realization they couldn't share with each other. BtVS

Title: Stardust *COMPLETE*
Author: kikkimax (Send Feedback)
Genres: Slash  Rating: TEEN Warnings: Other (See Author's Note) 
Archived: 06-22-06  Chapters: 001
Categories: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Unresolved Sexual Tension
Pairings: Tony/OMC  Characters: Other Male Character, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: A man with no memory holds the key to three bizarre deaths.

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