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Pairing: Tony/McGee

Search returned 12 beta readers!
BuffyAngel68:, Comments: Will beta just about anything. Whatever you need looked at, in this fandom of any of a dozen others, just e-mail and ask if I'm familiar with your chosen fandom.
corabe:, Comments: I'm willing to beta anything.
gem1n12505:, Comments: I will read anything, regarding any subject, nothing makes me squeamesh.
indigo1924:, Comments: I'm willing to beta just about anything but crossovers or AUs. I've been called a grammar Nazi and I'm willing to be as involved as you like. I can be a spell check, or I can virtually rewrite the whole thing for you. Indigo at your service!
shee:, Comments: I'm a reader not a writer, but I do love to beta. I'm really into Tony stories whether they are gen, het or slash.
skripka:, Comments: I will beta pretty much anything, from gen character
studies, casefic, up to and including hard BDSM, rape,
incest, and canon character death.
xxJassy:, Comments: I will beta pretty much everything, except rape and hard BDSM.

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