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Title: Love, Loss & Internal Affairs *WORK IN PROGRESS*
Author: SashaPerrette7405 (Send Feedback)
Genres: Het  Rating: ADULT Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Other (See Author's Note) 
Archived: 04-27-09  Chapters: 018 Word Count: 109349
Categories: Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Drabble, Episode Related, Established Relationship, First Time, Friendship, Future, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, PWP, Romance, Unresolved Sexual Tension
Pairings: Gibbs/Jen, Gibbs/Kate, Gibbs/OFC, Tony/Kate  Characters: Abby Sciuto, Ari Haswari, Caitlyn (Kate) Todd, Ducky Mallard, Hollis Mann, Jenny Shepard, Jethro Gibbs, Other Female Character, Timothy McGee, Tobias Fornell, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David
Summary: Caitlin Todd and Jethro Gibbs meet aboard Air Force One and it's the start of a romance. When life interferes, can Kate salvage what's left.

Title: Never Be Enough *WORK IN PROGRESS*
Author: SashaPerrette7405 (Send Feedback)
Genres: Het  Rating: MATURE Warnings: Disturbing Imagery or Content, Violence 
Archived: 12-28-09  Chapters: 009 Word Count: 18686
Categories: Alternate Universe, Angst/Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Tony/Kate  Characters: Caitlyn (Kate) Todd, Jeanne Benoit, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: Kate Todd is a recently promoted, highly successful business woman who embarks on an affair with the much younger security guard who works in her apartment complex. After a night of passion and excitement, the new couple are brutally attacked on their journey home. Kate sets out for revenge only to find it will never be enough.

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